In a rush to find a trusted resource in Iraq?

Looking for a trusted resource in Iraq? Iraq Industrial & Waste Management brings more than 30 years’ combined individual experience in consulting, manufacturers’ representation, logistics and waste management. 

Most importantly, we have valuable Iraq permits (*2017), licensed waste disposal sites near Baghdad, local suppliers, government contacts, and hands-on knowledge acquired over years in Iraq.

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Our waste management division specialises in managing and arranging recovery, treatment and disposal (TRD) facilities and services for a wide spectrum of industry waste by-products.

We also consult for a variety of industries — new or existing — in Iraq, the region, Kurdistan and the Middle East. Get in touch and we’ll try to help

* Transportation * Landfills * New Business Consulting * Manufacturer’s Reps
* Drilling & Oil Field Waste * Industrial & Commercial Waste * Regulatory Compliance * Landfill Disposal

*NOTE: Iraq Industrial & Waste Management is registered in the U.S.A. For North American inquiries about doing business in Iraq, contact Thomas, here.