Services in Iraq

Whether you’re already doing business in Iraq or exploring the region’s vast potential, we don’t need to tell you that doing business here requires specialised knowledge, staff, equipment and facilities -– and an in-depth understanding of complex Iraq federal and regional regulations.

It’s often impossible to do business in Iraq or Kurdistan without hard-to-obtain permits and regulated disposal sites or methods. 

We have worked for two years to obtain licensed, government-approved industrial and waste management disposal sites and solutions for our international and regional clients, including U.S.-based companies and organizations. Take advantage of our hard work!


doing business in iraq
Checking out potential landfills

You’ve come to the right place… Here are just some of our areas of expertise at Iraq Industrial & Waste Management.

Waste Management & Disposal
Regulatory Compliance & Consulting
Transportation Services
Custom Products
Oil, Gas, Industrial Waste Solutions

As you can see, we find the solutions that allow you to focus on your core business.

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