Landfill disposal

Our landfill network, experienced people and best-practice implementation deliver the most cost-effective solution for reducing the long-term liability and risk associated with oilfield waste disposal.

How our landfills work

Our landfill cells meet and exceed the industry standard by incorporating these design features:

  • Cells constructed and approved for disposal of waste
  • Multi-layer containment barrier consisting of a high-density polyethene liner for primary surface run-on and run-off controls
  • Leachate collection system


Our landfills offer safe, long-term disposal

  • Organic and inorganic contaminated soil
  • Drill cuttings, oil and water based
  • Sulphur impacted soil
  • Reduction of solid waste

Questions? Contact Iraq Industrial & Waste Management. *Did you know we are U.S.-registered and have a liaison in the U.S.? Contact Marwan for more info.