Waste, Recycling & Disposal

Constructing, operating and closing an on-site waste or disposal facility is costly and complex, particularly if you have a relatively small volume of waste.

Also, the regulatory agency with jurisdiction may not allow on site disposal for your type of industrial drilling waste – or may not approve your specific location.

Sending waste to designated and permit-ready Government of Iraq disposal sites is no easy task: trusting us ensures a cost-effective and worry-free process.

At Iraq Industrial & Waste Management, we specialize in industrial recycling and the handling of:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Shale waste services
  • Sludge & soil disposal
  • Used oils
  • Contaminated fuels
  • Pipeline fluids
  • Natural gas condensation fluids
  • Hydrocarbon liquids
  • Refurbishment of oil field drums
  • Organization of all steel and metal for subsequent recycling by third parties

We understand drum disposal services:

  • Antifreeze                     • Used absorbents
  • Batteries                       • Used grease
  • Contaminated soil      • Used oil
  • Light bulbs                    • Used rags
  • E-wastes
  • PCW waters
  • Paint wastes
  • Waste chemicals
  • Waste fuels
  • Empty/residue drums

As you can see, we find the solutions that allow you to focus on your core business! Contact us and we can tell you more…