Transportation of waste

Iraq Industrial & Waste Management provides transportation to designated Iraqi government disposal sites through our exclusive government transportation permits.

We offer a specialised heavy truck fleet, licensed to transport all hazard waste classes, with the exception of Class 1 (explosives) and Class 7 (radioactive) materials. Vehicles will be registered with the Ministry of Transport and appropriate oil field companies. All trucks and drivers will meet oilfield compliance regulations.

Our fleet includes:
Vacuum Trucks
20 Foot Double -Axle Crate Trailer
Heavy and Light Duty Pick-Up Trucks with Tandem Tractor
Tandem-Axle Crane Trucks
Single-Axle Cube Van
Tandem and Tridem-Axle Trailers

*All our trucks feature secondary containment and are in full compliance with Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations.

As a service to our industrial clients, we also offer custom oil field recycling bins and waste storage tanks to assist clients and staff in organising waste for efficient pick-up and delivery to our sorting and disposal sites.Our goal is to beneficially reuse and handle any and all used hydrocarbon and/or related materials and transport these materials efficiently, properly, and safely.