How do you dispose of my waste?

Under authority of the Iraq Ministry of Environment, Iraq Industrial & Waste Management LLC. offers designated waste disposal sites for handling used and expired chemicals, acid and contaminated oil. We also handle waste incineration.

Hazardous waste is received at our designated disposal sites where it is analysed to identify its status and determine the disposal method.

We then open a designated disposal pit lined with a clay/soil compacted base and polyethene sheeting, sealed to prevent seepage. Drums are placed in the pit and buried in soil.

disposal vehicles in iraq

Bioremedial Disposal

Used and contaminated oils are also tested, then emptied into a fully lined pit and mixed with soil and active microbes which break down the oil. The mix is tilled every week for a period of 10 weeks until the oil is broken down.A new batch is then added — or the pit is covered, depending on volume. Oil filters are drained, washed, then crushed before sending for recycling. The oily residue is interred in the waste oil pit.
*Note: This is just one of many possible solutions, and we’d be glad to provide customised alternatives. Just contact us.